Marimo responds well to bathing

One of my marimo is a little sick, and is in its own container. It has brown patches of algae growing on it, and was not pearling like the other two. On Friday, I decided to give it a bath, rinsing it under running water, rubbing the brown algae gently (to try to remove it), replaced with fresh water, and put the container under more direct light than it was getting before. And this morning, I walked in to some intense pearling action (it’s so bubbly it’s floating!):

marimo_brown_pearling marimo_brown_pearling
So he’s recovering, I think!

Here are the healthy ones (not pearling at the time of picture):

marimo_healthy marimo_healthy

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Giving demos

I led two different groups from the Computer Clubhouse through my group‘s space today.

Things I hope to remember for next time:

And, some general advice for self:
Don’t forget to eat.

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Writing a paper (Also: YouTube)

Soooo, today I remembered (re-learned) how to write a paper. Like this: read, take notes, note repetitive themes, write outline, flesh it out, write paper, done! *flop*

For distractions, a little YouTube dilly-dallying/lolligagging…

Take your pick!

Midgets and/or camels:
Pool and dominos:

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Frida Hyvonen can be very entertaining.

Tonight I went to see a show at the MFA. (The MFA!! I had a little Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler moment…)

The first band was not good. Not horrible, but not good either. Working strongly against them was the fact that not one of the four performers broke a smile during the set, and I’m pretty sure that the bassist was going to go kill himself immediately following the performance. I need some glee, people. ¡F minus, El Perro del Mar!

Then, Frida Hyvönen took the stage, complete with red shawl, paper Starbucks coffee cup, spiral notebook. Very funny, poetic lyrics, beautiful music, perfect timing. I believe she, at one point, rhymed “Cricket cricket cricket” with “It’s sick it’s sick it’s sick.” One of the most entertaining performances I’ve seen in a long time.
+10 for looking like Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner.

The last band: Under Byen. You get a B-:

+5  someone played a saw
+4  cello spiccato rock-out
+2  having a girl bassist
+12 someone played a xylophone
-80 extensive use of strobe light
B-   *total*


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“The One-Minute” (March 1, addendum)

This afternoon at the Media Lab, we had the poster session for the Masters students graduating this year. The lower atrium of the Lab is set up with big foamcore panels, and everyone comes down, puts up their poster, and hovers nearby. I went by about halfway through to see what people are up to with their work these days. While wandering around, I passed Director Frank Moss several times — he was perusing the posters and chatting up the hoverers, of course. And when he walked up to Nick, he said, “Alright, gimme your one-minute.”

<deep breath> Man, what would I say in one minute about my work?

Giving a “one-minute” is one of those things that we learn hard here at the Lab. And it’s something I definitely need some good hard practice at.

March 2, 2007. academics, media lab. 1 Comment.

Conductive foam

I always just thought that the foam that my DIPs came on was to protect all the little pins coming out of the chip. Today in my sensors class, JoeP told us that the foam these chips come on is actually conductive foam, which protects the chips from static electricity.

March 2, 2007. academics. 1 Comment.

Nerd fact. And an old way to display data.

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Visualizing Music

This is the place to post comments to Visualizing Music, a project I have been working on for the past month or two.

March 1, 2007. academics, computers/programming, information visualization, sound. 9 Comments.

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