Hey! That’s My Fish!

hey!  that's my fish! stacking penguins

I got a chance to try a new board game last time I was in the Bay Area (thanks, Rachel!), called “Hey! That’s My Fish!”. You should play this game because it’s simple, fast, fun, inexpensive, and can even be played with two people. Or just because it’s called Pingvinas in its original language.

I know some people will throttle me for suggesting this, but this game reminded me of my first (and only) few games of Go, because it involves capturing territory, tracking shapes/areas, and cutting people off. Except you get colorful wooden penguins and can play with eight-year-olds.

July 31, 2007. friends, games. 1 Comment.

One Comment

  1. Rachel replied:

    This game is both awesome and evil.

    It has these cute little penguins who eat fish! Squee! And you can explain the gameplay to anybody.

    And then the strategy will EAT YOUR BRAIN.

    August 1st, 2007 at 3:51 pm. Permalink.

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