So, I’ve finally decided that I will keep my own blog. Although I don’t want to call it a “blog”… it’s really more of a list, that I hope to add to every day. Sooo, like a “blist”. Yeah! “Check out Anita’s blisst!”

This is a place where I hope to add something new I’ve learned each day. Brent asked me, “But what if you don’t learn anything cool that day?” And it doesn’t really matter, since I am maintaining the optimistic assumption that I learn some things every day, and therefore, there has to be a best thing. So I should never have an excuse not to post.

Motivations for this blist:

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  1. Mark replied:

    This blog reflects the wonderfully creative and expressive soul of its creator!

    Thank you!!

    June 4th, 2008 at 11:25 pm. Permalink.

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