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I am very happy about Web 2.0 today. It sort of hit a trampoline when I saw kottke post the most elaborate Line Rider track ever. People are crazy! Crazy awesome.

Then I saw Bitstrips on boingboing: “BitStrips is a fast, easy, sharing-friendly comic creation site — you make ‘characters’ using a Wii-style menu, pose them and fill in dialog, layout your strips and monkey with the backgrounds, borrowing material from any of the thousands of strips that have been made to date.” Yarg, this is the perfect distraction from my thesis.

bitstrips screenshot

March 25, 2008. comics, computers/programming. 3 Comments.

Funniness threshold

Do you ever watch or read a tremendous amount of something intended to be amusing, don’t find yourself laughing at first, but at some point start laughing and then just can’t stop? I do. And I love that there is something like that… kind of a threshold for silliness.

For example, I had this happen yesterday, because I did, as mentioned, watch all the “Get a Mac” ads at once. There are 30-35 of them on the site right now. I watched the first couple, thinking, “Sure, these are funny… ish.” But around when I finished the 15th one, I just couldn’t help but laugh out loud at every single one of them. I’m sure I was chuckling heartily for the last four that I watched, but I’m also pretty sure they weren’t any funnier than the first few. (My favorites were “Work Vs. Play”, “Choose a Vista”, and “Misprint”, btw.)

Other recent experiences with this phenomenon: Flight of the Conchords episodes and Cute Overload posts.

I need a name for that particular characteristic of amusing media that, with sufficient exposure, becomes exceedingly funny. All I can think of right now is “snowlol” …which may, as it happens, become much funnier if I had already made a similar joke 15 times.

February 1, 2008. comics, words. 1 Comment.

Drinky Crow show

drinky crowThe Drinky Crow Show is joining the Adult Swim line-up on Sunday, May 13, 2007. I just marked my calendar. Happy Mother’s Day for everyone!

I love Tony Millionaire‘s comics because they are so pretty and clean, yet raw in the way that a detailed woodblock print is raw. And such magical language! …like something you might expect from a sophisticated pirate. Some words you would easily find in his Sock Monkey comic: delirium, syphilis, jaundice, anguish, furnace, curtailed, hideous spectre, jabbering, Blast!, doggedness, romantical.

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New anime


I watched the first three episodes of Fruits Basket ((not to be confused with “fruit basket”. THANKS to the little bird who pointed out this connection to me.)) today. It’s an anime about a family with a curse that if they embrace someone of the opposite sex, they’ll turn into characters of the Chinese Zodiac. Of course!

My favorite part of the Wikipedia entry:

“She realizes that an onigiri can never belong in a Fruits Basket.”

So sad!


March 27, 2007. comics, tv. 1 Comment.

I look like “V”!

My impression of “V” from V for Vendetta:

anita as V

(Thank you, Ian, for taking this lovely picture of me!)

March 10, 2007. comics. 4 Comments.

Amy Sedaris on Martha Stewart

Amy Sedaris on Martha Stewart
Amy Sedaris is crazy. And great.

Here’s her book.

Also: Monster Glowing Squid Caught on Camera. Includes eerie video.

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How Chris Ware created the 2006 Thanksgiving New Yorker covers. (Also: yogurt)

Video of Chris Ware talking about New Yorker covers, his invitation to design some for the Thanksgiving issue of 2006, and the thought he put into making those covers. (Specific portion starts around 18:21 and goes until 29:05.)

I’ve always liked Chris Ware’s drawings, have been a little ambivalent about his dejected attitude, but the hyper-connectedness of the four New Yorker covers he designed, and the incredible detail they contain, is just awesome. (I wish I’d taken the time to notice these things on my own.)


In addition:

THIS is the consistency of the Yoplait “Whips!® Creamy Latté YOGURT MOUSSE”, of which I had my first today:
whips yogurt
whips yogurt

It is the clumpy, cotton-candy version of yogurt. These actually weigh significantly less than the normal Yoplait® cups (4 oz instead of 6 oz. Would you say that is 50% less, or 33% less? haha, tricky tricky!).

February 22, 2007. comics, food. 1 Comment.