How Chris Ware created the 2006 Thanksgiving New Yorker covers. (Also: yogurt)

Video of Chris Ware talking about New Yorker covers, his invitation to design some for the Thanksgiving issue of 2006, and the thought he put into making those covers. (Specific portion starts around 18:21 and goes until 29:05.)

I’ve always liked Chris Ware’s drawings, have been a little ambivalent about his dejected attitude, but the hyper-connectedness of the four New Yorker covers he designed, and the incredible detail they contain, is just awesome. (I wish I’d taken the time to notice these things on my own.)


In addition:

THIS is the consistency of the Yoplait “Whips!® Creamy Latté YOGURT MOUSSE”, of which I had my first today:
whips yogurt
whips yogurt

It is the clumpy, cotton-candy version of yogurt. These actually weigh significantly less than the normal Yoplait® cups (4 oz instead of 6 oz. Would you say that is 50% less, or 33% less? haha, tricky tricky!).

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  1. Brent Fitzgerald replied:

    That is the most disgusting looking ass nasty yogurt. Jeez Anita, thanks for totally grossing me out.

    February 28th, 2007 at 10:32 pm. Permalink.

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