Frida Hyvonen can be very entertaining.

Tonight I went to see a show at the MFA. (The MFA!! I had a little Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler moment…)

The first band was not good. Not horrible, but not good either. Working strongly against them was the fact that not one of the four performers broke a smile during the set, and I’m pretty sure that the bassist was going to go kill himself immediately following the performance. I need some glee, people. ¡F minus, El Perro del Mar!

Then, Frida Hyvönen took the stage, complete with red shawl, paper Starbucks coffee cup, spiral notebook. Very funny, poetic lyrics, beautiful music, perfect timing. I believe she, at one point, rhymed “Cricket cricket cricket” with “It’s sick it’s sick it’s sick.” One of the most entertaining performances I’ve seen in a long time.
+10 for looking like Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner.

The last band: Under Byen. You get a B-:

+5  someone played a saw
+4  cello spiccato rock-out
+2  having a girl bassist
+12 someone played a xylophone
-80 extensive use of strobe light
B-   *total*


March 3, 2007. Boston/Cambridge, music. No Comments.

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