Using an oscilloscope

By far the best thing I learned today was from watching Mark Feldmeier show me how to get my scope to do what I want. I’ve been twiddling knobs on these things for months now, and for some reason only just learned how to get the scope to:

I had always thought that turning the dials on the scope just changed the display parameters, but Mark told me that it actually affects the accuracy of the readings, since you are indeed adjusting gains inside the scope itself! The lesson: If you want to measure values from your signal, make the signal as big as you can on the screen.

I also learned what a Butterworth response is, yeehaw!

March 8, 2007. academics, media lab. 1 Comment.

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  1. black replied:

    Anita, if you were to run a t.v. show, I would watch it… and I don’t even watch the t.v.

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