Riding a Segway

I spent almost all of my day at the Media Lab’s h2.0 bonanza, where we (in Frank Moss‘s words) explore what happens “when people begin to merge with the technologies they’ve created”. And I have all kinds of things to say about the crazy shit I saw, both good and bad, but I’ll have to write about that later. For now, I just want to say that I got to try a Segway for the first time today!

I only got about 60 seconds on the thing, and it went something like this:

0-7 seconds: Complete mistrust of the machine. “This thing is totally going to fall over.” I lean, start feeling like I will fall, then overcorrect, resulting in a jerky forward motion. Forward, stop, forward, stop, f-f-forward… backwards… stop.

8-20 seconds: “Ok, maybe not. Ohhhh, I see… I can… yeah! Lean forwards, lean back. Hey, this is kinda cool.”

21-60 seconds: GLEE!


May 10, 2007. media lab. No Comments.

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